Forgan of St Andrews F150 Driver MRH


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Outstanding new driver to commemorate 150 years of our history

  • 460cc oversized head
  • Enhanced titanium compound (Ti 6-4) is significantly stronger than pure titanium - as used in military aircraft, turbines and combustion engines. Head weighs just 200g to help promote a faster swing speed
  • COR 0.83 - Coefficient of Restitution of 0.83 is the highest legally allowed. The higher the COR, the more spring and kick the ball gets at impact
  • With a mirror finish on the sole, a satin face, and Dark Glass Bead black paint, it is a beautiful and elegant looking club - a traditional club shape but with modern finishes
  • Shafts - the price includes our new 58g SL Super Light graphite shaft. This is a premium quality shaft, the highest quality we've ever produced. You can also choose to have a steel shaft if you prefer

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