Custom Fit Benefits

We are all different - from height and build to swing style and strength - so why should we all be forced to play with the same clubs?

Simply fill out our easy-to-use custom fit golf club wizard, we will work out what clubs are best suited to your game. From basic adjustments such as shaft flex to more advanced options such as lie adjustments, we can tailor a set exactly to your needs – hand made here in the USA.


What we do

To custom fit, we take the following pieces of information:

  • Gender
  • Dexterity
  • Height
  • Floor to wrist height (from where it bends to the floor, standing straight)
  • Glove size
  • Driver distance
  • Swing speed


Although all our clubs are available for men and women, the two genders have different standards in many regards - for example a men's senior shaft (more flexible than a mens regular) is the same flex as a ladies regular shafts. A men's regular would be the same as a ladies stiff. The club heads, though, can be used by both men and women.

Shaft flex

Once you've completed the wizard, we will make a recommendation on shaft flex. This is based on various factors, and will help deliver optimal performance from your clubs. You can override your preference if you wish.


We use a complex formula to calculate the correct length and lie adjustment for your clubs (please note that lie adjustment is only available on irons). This means that, at address, your club head is square to the ground, and will aid in consistently striking the ball with a clean hit.

What we don't do

Loft Adjustments

Many will be given advice that recommends adjusting the loft of clubs, but we see no point in this. Whilst looking for clubs, seek ones that suit your preference and advice - for example our hybrids come in a range of 4 lofts. Adjusting irons not only risks damaging them but is also superfluous - if an 8 iron doesn't give you enough distance, take a 7 iron - if it gives you too much, take a 9.

Factor in handicap

Many custom-fitters will ask for your handicap, and factor this into how they construct your set. However, in our experience, having your clubs custom fitted improves your game and your scores so significantly that building your custom set based on your existing handicap seems ridiculous, since it will soon be much lower.

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